Jenny K - Pop/Rock Singer Songwriter

Jenny K is a Pop/Rock Singer-Songwriter currently from Arkansas. She grew up in California as well. 

Her musical influences are: Panic! at The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Cassie Steele, Candice Accola, The Pretty Reckless, PVRIS and so many more. "I just relate to all kinds of music whether it be classics or newer music. What I look for in music is never the date, but how the music makes me feel and if I can step into the song and relate to it myself. Music is all about being able to feel. Feel the music, feel the lyrics and appreciating some insanely talented vocals.” 

Artists she is similar to: Marina and The Diamonds, Cassie Steele, Candice Accola and Halsey 

When asked when she remembers music being such an influence she said: "From as far back as I can remember, I always connected to and enjoyed listening to music. My mom and dad said I’d go around the house being as little as even 3 years old humming songs that I had already memorized. Songs off of the album Back in Black by AC/DC in particular. They really got me to see how much fun music could be. Ever since then I’ve grown up with the idea that I’d find a way to incorporate music into my daily life no matter what. It was something I had to pursue.” 

Jenny K has a YouTube channel where she regularly posted since she was 12. Joining the team at Big Red Dog Productions, she will be releasing more of her latest music.

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