Bree Ogden's Debut Album Release Party

We are so proud of our artist Bree Ogden.  After 2 years of artist development and hard work, we are proud to announce her official debut album release party will be held at the Little Rock Rivermarket District hot spot…

Katie Marrs Debut Show - Dec. 8

We are proud to announce Katie Marrs will be performing on Dec. 8.  She is a pop artist with a very bright future.  We are excited to release her debut EP in the Spring of 2018!

Cliff + Susan Prowse International Dates

Cliff and Susan are on tour internationally as well as in Arkansas.  We have developed our duo, got married and are excited to release our own music through our studio in the coming year.  We have many collaborations that will…

We've released Bree Ogden's Debut Album

We've had pleasure of helping Bree Ogden release her debut album. We've been working for over 2 years on artist development, writing, recording, building a following, raising the money to producer her album through PledgeMusic and so much more.

Pre-Order Katie Marrs Debut EP

We are so proud to announce Katie Marrs is beginning her first project to release her music to the world!  Please participate and help us move toward this goal and get involved with this young rising pop artist!


Pre-Order Bree Ogden's Debut Album

We are so proud of Bree Ogden.  She is 16 and rocking her music career.  We've worked the past 2+ years with her on artist development, recording, performances and more.  She has the support of her family and is releasing…

First Single from Joey Barrett

You guys check out the first sneak peek of Joey Barrett's album project.  We released Still Worth Fighting For just last week.  The response has been great. 

Joey is a country singer/songwriter born and raised in Star City, Arkansas and…

Joey Barrett's Debut Album Launch

We are honored and excited to be launching Joey Barrett's debut album!  

Joey is a country singer/songwriter born and raised in Star City, Arkansas and currently resides in Maumelle, Arkansas.   With a guitar in hand and an authentic country sound…

New Track on Katie Marrs 

Produced a guitar/vocal on the talented Katie Marrs.  A cover of the Katy Perry song Rise.

New York City Piano Summit 2017

We attended the NYC Piano Summit this week.  What a great experience!  We met producers, musical directors, agents, A&R execs for labels, colleagues from all over the world, vocal coaches, ENTs for the stars, and star piano players.  We shared…

New Song with Bree Ogden

We've been working with Bree for over a year now and we are so proud of her progress and continued success. 

We are about to release her first song she ever wrote by herself.  Check out Bree at her website…