Beard Groovin' for Wahl Man of the Year Contest

Cliff is hoping to win the Wahl Man of the Year 2020 Contest! He could have added more instruments, but could only fit so many in a frame! :)

One of Cliff's family members suggested this contest the day before the due date. In less than 4 hours, in his home studio, Cliff wrote, arranged, recorded and produced the music and video for the 2020 Wahl Man of the Year Contest entry.

What's the prize? Well, the title of course, but...
1st Place: $20,000, and the title of Wahl Man of the Year
2nd Place: $10,000
3rd Place: $5,000 Ten (10) Finalists: $500, and beard grooming gear

Here's to all the talented beards out there! Thanks to Wahl Grooming for the opportunity.

Cliff Prowse: