Singer, Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, and Producer Cliff Prowse has been producing his own music and other artists for years.  Singer, Songwriter, Pianist, International Performing Artist, and Nashville Recording Artist Susan Erwin Prowse has launched a successful music career now for over a decade.  The two have joined forces performing in venues worldwide and now they are offering music production and artist development to Central Arkansas and beyond.   

Please contact us for your music needs. We love to collaborate and help artists like us achieve their dreams. 


  • Artist Development, Booking & Consulting 
  • Music Production - Demos to Master Scale Tracks 
  • Festival and Concert Planning, Production & Promotion 
  • Cliff Prowse Session Musician - Fiddle, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Drums 
  • Susan Erwin Session Musician - Keyboards 
  • Network of Session Musicians for your recording  
  • Network of Nashville Producers 
  • Vocalists & Background Vocalists  
  • CD Artwork & Graphic Design   
  • Songwriting Collaboration & Song Catalog     
  • Photography & Videography    
  • Assistance with Song Licensing & Copyrighting Assistance 
  • Assistance with Songwriter Performing Rights Organization (PRO) Registration    
  • Digital Distribution (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, & Worldwide Streaming)   
  • Mechanicals (CDs & Vinyl)    
  • Website Development & Training    
  • Social Media Setup & Training   
  • Crowdfunding Planning & Management   
  • Album Launch Planning 
  • Press Kit Development for obtaining more show bookings