GetSmART! Learning Series: Mastering the Stage by Susan Erwin Prowse

Join professional musician Susan Erwin Prowse for a special presentation for aspiring and established musicians. Find out how to elevate your music career and deliver exceptional live performances that earn repeat revenue. This session delves into the nuances of creating a memorable stage presence, effectively connecting with the audience, and transforming every performance into an engaging experience.

Prowse will bring invaluable insights into the live performance business with tips on crafting a dynamic stage presence and turning a musician into a charismatic entertainer. This free event is not just about technical skills; it's about understanding the emotional connection with the crowd, taking an audience on a journey, and creating a lasting impact.

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About Susan Erwin Prowse

Susan Erwin Prowse, an accomplished singing piano entertainer, has enjoyed an illustrious international music career spanning over two decades. Beginning with classical piano lessons at the age of 6, Susan's passion for music led her from a career as a Radio Frequency Engineer to performing in high-energy piano bars starting in 2003. She has captivated audiences worldwide, with her professional music career expanding to international tours in the Caribbean and Europe from 2010.

After releasing her debut album in Nashville, Tenn., in 2015, Susan met her husband, Cliff Prowse, on stage in 2016. They immediately started performing together as “Cliff & Susan,” achieving over 1,500 shows, releasing a charting debut album in 2023, appearing on national TV, and even opening for ZZ Top. 

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