'Freedom Sings Arkansas' Album Produced by Cliff Prowse Celebrates Veterans Through Music

Little Rock, AR – Big Red Dog Productions is excited to announce the release of "Freedom Sings Arkansas" Volume 01, masterfully produced by the acclaimed musician Cliff Prowse. This album is a heartfelt tribute to veterans, featuring songs written with their stories as a foundation, granting them songwriting credits.

Cliff Prowse, one half of the dynamic duo Cliff & Susan, has brought his rich experience in music production to this project. His exceptional skills as a multi-instrumentalist and producer shine throughout the album, making it a profound musical journey.

The album features a remarkable lineup of Arkansas talents like Wood Newton, Steve Dean, Paul Tull, and Charlie Crow, alongside other esteemed artists. Each track in the album reflects the unique experiences of veterans, turning their stories into powerful musical narratives.

Particularly noteworthy is the song "Duke (Top Gun)," co-written by Paul Tull, Don Tucker, and Navy pilot Duke Cunningham. This track, along with the entire album, is making waves in the music world, being eligible for 'Album of the Year,' while "Duke (Top Gun)" contends for 'Song of the Year' and 'Video of the Year.'

Freedom Sings Arkansas expressed their pride in this collaboration, emphasizing the emotional depth and respect embedded in each song. "This album is not just music; it's a tribute to those who served, using the universal language of music to tell their stories," said a spokesperson for the organization.

The album "Freedom Sings Arkansas" Volume 01 is available on YouTube, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and most other streaming platforms. Listeners are encouraged to support and nominate the album and its tracks in their respective categories.

For more insights into Cliff Prowse's musical journey and projects, please visit www.cliffandsusan.live.