Four Nominations for Cliff & Susan at the 2024 Arkansas Country Music Awards

Four Nominations for Cliff & Susan at the 2024 Arkansas Country Music Awards

Little Rock, AR – In an exciting announcement, Cliff & Susan have been honored with four prestigious nominations at the upcoming 2024 Arkansas Country Music Awards. Recognized in the categories of Vocal Duo/Group, Album of the Year for "Fiddle & Keys," Music Producer of the Year for Cliff Prowse, and Collaboration of the Year for "Good Clean Livin'" produced by Cliff Prowse, these nominations serve as a testament to their outstanding contributions to the music scene in Arkansas.

"We are over the moon with these nominations and can't express enough gratitude towards our fans, the Arkansas Country Music Association, and the incredible community that has supported us," said Cliff & Susan. "These nominations are not just ours but a reflection of the vibrant music scene in Arkansas and the shared efforts of so many talented individuals."

The Arkansas Country Music Awards, set to take place on June 3, 2024, at Reynolds Performance Hall at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, highlight the state's rich musical talent and foster a sense of community and collaboration among artists. For Cliff & Susan, the awards have been a cornerstone for networking, creating lifelong friendships, and launching impactful collaborations, including their notable partnership with Erin Enderlin.

"Our journey with the Arkansas Country Music Awards has been one of growth, learning, and immense joy. Every year, we're inspired by the talent and passion within this community, and it's an honor to be a part of it," Cliff & Susan added.

In encouraging other artists and fans to engage with the awards, Cliff & Susan emphasize the importance of supporting local talent and participating in the voting process beginning in March. “These awards are a celebration of all that we achieve together as a community. We invite everyone to join us in this celebration, support your favorite artists, and help shine a light on the incredible music scene in Arkansas.”

“Thank you all for believing in our music and for making moments like this possible. We're excited about the future and can't wait to share more music and stories with you.”

Fiddle & Keys - Debut Album: 

Their debut album charted Top 40 Apple Country Albums Chart upon release on October 27, 2023. Click here to listen to the 12-song self-released album. This is not just another country album; it's a seven-year musical journey that captures the essence of this extraordinary duo. On October 6, 2023, the duo released a single from the album, "Neon Dreams," which charted in the Top 10 UK Country Charts.

The album features 12 meticulously chosen and crafted songs, blending classic country with rocking piano, guitar, and fiddle riffs. Susan describes it as a "melting pot of influences, storytelling, and high-energy live performances." With Cliff taking the reins on arranging, playing most of the instruments, and producing most of the songs, "Fiddle & Keys" is a testament to the duo's collaborative spirit and shared musical vision.

"It's important for us to have songs that allow us to deliver a high-energy show and entertain," says Susan. “My favorite track so far is the fast, rocking 'High & Dry.' We offer a mix of tempos on the record, but I love to stretch out on the keys during performances."

Fiddle & Keys led to an invitation and appearance on the Huckabee Show in 2023. 

Cliff Prowse, Producer: 

In addition to producing 10 of the 12 songs on "Fiddle & Keys," Cliff's production prowess is also celebrated through his work on the "Good Clean Livin'" track, further establishing him as a cornerstone in the Arkansas music production scene. His knack for bringing out the best in the artists he collaborates with, combined with his innovative production techniques, has significantly impacted the local music landscape.

Beyond these nominations, Cliff's production talents have also been instrumental in the success of the "Freedom Sings Arkansas" project. This two-album project, close to Cliff's heart, involves collaborating with this organization for veterans to tell their stories through music, providing a therapeutic outlet and a voice to those who have served. Cliff's commitment to excellence and his passion for giving back to the community through music have elevated the project and highlighted his growth as a producer.

"Seeing Cliff evolve into the producer he is today has been truly inspiring," said Susan. "His dedication to his craft, ability to wear multiple hats in the studio, and passion for telling stories through music have made a lasting impact on everyone he works with. I'm incredibly proud of what he's achieved with 'Fiddle & Keys,' the 'Good Clean Livin'' track, and especially the 'Freedom Sings Arkansas' project. It's a testament to how far he's come and the boundless potential of his future endeavors in music production."

Watch and listen to Good Clean Livin below. This song is up for Collaboration of the Year and was produced by Cliff Prowse at Big Red Dog Productions. Artists: Jon Bailey, Grace Stormont, Trey and Lexi Pendley

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