Revolutionizing the Music Scene: Susan Erwin Prowse's Forbes Business Council Induction

Revolutionizing the Music Scene: Susan Erwin Prowse's Forbes Business Council Induction

Emphasizing comprehensive artist development and business growth, Susan Erwin Prowse brings innovative solutions to artists globally.

Little Rock, Arkansas - March 2024 — Susan Erwin Prowse, an esteemed musician, performing artist, artist mentor, co-founder of Big Red Dog Productions, and the visionary behind the Entertainers Academy, has taken a significant leap forward in her mission to transform the music industry. In a remarkable acknowledgment of her contributions and leadership, Susan has been accepted into the Forbes Business Council, a prestigious assembly of successful business owners and leaders worldwide.

Susan's induction into the Forbes Business Council is a testament to her dedication, diverse experience, and proven track record in driving growth within the music industry. A review committee vetted and selected Susan based on the depth and diversity of her experience. Acceptance criteria include a track record of successfully impacting business growth metrics and personal and professional achievements and honors.

"I’m thrilled to join such a distinguished group of industry leaders. This opportunity is a gateway to invaluable resources and perspectives that I aim to integrate into our mission at Big Red Dog Productions and the Entertainers Academy," said Susan Erwin Prowse. "Connecting with fellow council members will amplify our capabilities to innovate and excel, furthering our commitment to empower artists and revolutionize the music industry."

In addition to her role at Big Red Dog Productions, Susan established the Entertainers Academy, a pioneering platform dedicated to assisting artists in developing captivating live shows and building comprehensive businesses around their music. The academy serves as a beacon for artists striving for full-time music careers, offering guidance on engaging performance, digital strategy, and business acumen essential for success in the modern music landscape.

With a holistic approach to artist development, Big Red Dog Productions delivers exceptional music production, entertainment services, artist business coaching, branding, and marketing services. The company's strategic integration of traditional and digital methodologies positions artists for unparalleled career achievements.

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About Susan Erwin Prowse

Susan Erwin Prowse is a celebrated musician, entrepreneur, and Big Red Dog Productions co-founder. With extensive experience in the music industry, Susan has dedicated her career to connecting with people through music around the world, while mentoring artists. Her recent acceptance into the Forbes Business Council underscores her influence and commitment to excellence within the business and music communities. After meeting her husband, Cliff Prowse, in 2016, they co-founded Big Red Dog Productions.

A married independent duo from Little Rock, Arkansas, Cliff & Susan captivate audiences worldwide with their lively piano, fiddle and guitar performances. Released in October 2023, their debut album, "Fiddle & Keys," charted Top 40 on Apple Country Albums, with hits like "Drivin' Me Crazy," and the signature song, "Fiddle & Keys," which gained them an invite to the televised acclaim in February 2023. Having played over 1,400 shows, Cliff & Susan have gone on to tour seven countries, opened for acts like ZZ Top and Niko Moon, and now perform over 200 shows annually.

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