Kelsey Stone, Miss Arkansas Valley

Kelsey Stone released her debut single #FindYourGift on April 19!  NOW AVAILABLE on iTunes, Youtube, Spotify, Amazon and more.

Kelsey is an singer-songwriter, vocalist and piano performer.  Kelsey is from Russellville and is a Senior at Arkansas Tech University majoring in Middle Level Education: Math and Science.  Kelsey's platform is #FindYourGift: Realizing Your Potential and her talent is piano/vocal.  She will compete in the Miss Arkansas Scholarship Pageant in June 2019. 

LISTEN NOW on iTunes:

Recorded at Big Red Dog Productions 
Co-written by: Kelsey Gail Stone, Susan Erwin Prowse, Cliff Prowse 
Produced by Cliff Prowse 
Horns/Keys/Organ: Philip Lassiter (10-time Grammy winner, Prince) 
Drums: Cliff Aaron 
Bass: Travis Dykes 
Guitar: Keith Savage 
Background Vocals: Kimberly Henry Stone